When I am designing a commercial interior the function of the space is uppermost in my mind, but my knowledge of the physical, emotional and psychological effects of colour is a constant influence.

For office schemes, the ethos of the company inspires my concepts, with the company branding often reflected in the scheme’s colour palette. The finished design should create a work environment which positively reinforces the company’s approach and purpose.

With schools I have to accommodate the requirements of both staff and pupils in all the differing educational environments. Successful colour design in schools works to actively reduce over-excitement and aggression and to promote learning and concentration.

In healthcare it is vital that the interior design is appropriate to clinical function, providing a sense of physical and psychological wellbeing for staff, patients and visitors alike. From GP's surgeries through to acute mental health environments, I use colour to enhance the user's experience and their ability to engage in the healing process.

"It can be a real challenge to maintain consistency in an interior when so many parties are involved. The interior design scheme and the coordination of colour throughout this building show real care and dedication. This high quality interior will benefit staff and patients alike."

Peter Dudley, NHS Design Review panel assessor

"Frances’ development of each floor’s colour palettes through to the seating colour selection really assisted in the procurement process. It has provided dedicated seating zones for the services sharing the general waiting areas and added another layer of visual interest to the building. The result is a perfectly co-ordinated functional area which we are sure will delight and benefit staff and patients, it truly does look sensational."

Kirstie Webb – Estates, NHS Coventry