The orange of Easyjet, the red and yellow of MacDonald’s, the blue of IBM – these successful brands have one thing in common, their understanding of how important colour is to brand identity. Colour makes a brand more recognisable, it reinforces the values of a brand and it engages customers emotionally.

When I work with brands and their development of their image, I need to know what they are selling, to whom and why? What is the ethos of the brand? From here I can start to build the colour story – from logo to packaging, product to retail environment – the colour must be true to the brand and it's message. With some projects this can mean a whole palette of colours for different uses, with other projects it can mean defining one distinct hue that 'say's it all'.

"Frances has helped me hone down the right colour for my skincare range and accessories/appliances. It was very easy to see how my 'brief' was trying to lead her to accepting the silver/chrome levels - where I thought it should be. Her analysis of the market, knowledge of trends and her ability to work 'neutrally' across all related brands, showed me what each different colourway was saying and moved it forward to what it should be saying. In the event, I am now working with the exact opposite of where I thought I should be and some of the best comments on my range are how everyone loves the warmth of the colour and the look of the range in their homes…..both an education and an experience that I would have no hesitation in using at each and every stage of future developments."

Jane Scrivner, Managing Director, Sparcana

"We have worked with Frances on various branding projects to assist in the development of colour palettes. Frances is exceptionally skilled at selecting a set of colours that reflect a brand personality and its characteristics. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, always acutely aware of the clients requirements and delivering beautiful results."

Jo and Sarah, Eighth Day Design

"Having recognised the value of brand identity at Emmaus Brighton & Hove, we were delighted when Frances agreed to work with us on the branding for a new Garden Project. Frances has recommended a colour palette which will be used on the fabric of the building as well as on product sold in the shop. We are delighted to have her input and value her influence on our creative thinking"

Christine Squince, General Manager, Emmaus Brighton & Hove