Colour in architecture is a contentious subject and everyone has an opinion, but for me colour in architecture is all about place, about where a building sits in relationship to its surroundings.

I start all projects with a detailed 360° photographic study of the site and then look further afield to see what works in the vicinity: the play of light; the local brick and building material colours; how local residents have used colour.

Then working closely with the architects and their vision for the building - the massing and form, the function, and material choice – I develop the first palette. With public buildings, it is at this point a theme often becomes apparent. Through further development, I then extend the palette to encompass the interior design and other considerations - contributing artists’ palettes, the wayfinding and signage, creating one continuous journey from the outside in.

"Working in collaboration with Frances has been a really interesting and educational experience. Her advice on the therapeutic impact and benefits of colour, and its effect on mental health, really enhanced our design for the Adult Mental Health Unit in Southampton during the bidding phase. I am sure it was a contributory factor in us securing the project. We look forward to developing this fruitful partnership in the detailed design of the building, and indeed on other projects."

Daryl Murphy, Murphy Philipps Architects

"Frances’ development and use of colour has unified the arts, wayfinding and interior design with the architecture of the building, in line with our concept and vision."

Cressida Toon, Sonnemann Toon Architects

"We have really enjoyed working together with Frances on a number of healthcare schemes, including mental health and community health buildings. Her input relating to the creation of therapeutic and calming interiors has been invaluable. Frances’ advice on colour, lighting and artwork, and their full integration into the building fabric, has enhanced the designs, leading to their success and recognition through a number of architectural commendations and awards. We look forward to continuing to work with Frances in the future."

Marc Levinson, Murphy Philipps Architects