I trained in Fashion Textiles at Brighton and then the Royal College of Art. As a student, I spent a lot of time developing colourways, and at the RCA I spent even longer in the dye lab, mixing colours and understanding how they reacted with different fibres.

While I was at the RCA, I travelled to New York with a Royal Society of Arts bursary. I couldn’t believe the light - reflecting off the metals and glass of the skyscrapers - and how it affected colours. It was a real education: I became aware of how important the link between light, colour and material is.

My first job after graduation was in Italy, another learning curve – how skin tone and cultural differences affect our relationship to colour. With this knowledge came the realisation that we all see colour differently.

Since then, with every new project, I have continued to develop my understanding and knowledge of colour. I now work in all areas of design, advising on trends in colour, the physical and psychological effects and benefits of colour, and the coordination of colours, materials and finishes.

My job as a designer is to assimilate the likes, dislikes, aspirations, and emotions of my clients and, using my intuition and aesthetic, to create colour palettes for fashion, interiors, brands and buildings.

Alongside my design work, I present an annual lecture on Colour in Fashion at The Fashion Retail Academy and also give talks on the importance of Colour in Design focusing on our perceptions and associations with different colours.

The Colour Group of Great Britain - Member
Design Brighton - Founder and Committee Member
Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce – Ambassador
Willis Newson - Associate